Pro Athletes Use the NanoVi Device

Visualizing the difference NanoVi makes cell damage is natural, and is going to occur.

NanoVi cannot prevent cell damage, but is designed to help cells after the damage has already occurred.
How does NanoVi make a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make?
The simple answer is that we create a specific electromagnetic wave that has precisely the same wavelength as the good (excited) ROS produces in our cells. We were not the ones to figure out how important this wavelength is in initiating cellular repair. That work was done by cell biologists, specifically scientists studying REDOX signaling.

How does NanoVi compare to oxygen and antioxidant therapies?
NanoVi is doing something different, and complementary, to these therapies.

Knowing how NanoVi works is helpful but the fact that NanoVi does work is key. Learn why personal users and athletes value it and discover how it fits into professional settings.

Why Pro Athletes Use the NanoVi Device to Level Up Their Game

Top performers talk about why NanoVi is so important to their training regime. Two of Major League Baseball’s most effective pitchers, Shane Greene and Mathew Boyd, explain why NanoVi is so important to them. Faster recovery and staying healthy are key to their ongoing success. You’ll get in a Mercedes AMG class race car with John Shoffner and Janine Hill for a sense of why mental performance is essential. They discuss how NanoVi helps keep them sharp through hours of split-second decisions and physical exertion.

NanoVi for pets

In the US alone, an estimated 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year and is the leading cause of death for 47% of dogs, mostly over the age of ten, and 32% of cats. There are nearly 100 types of pet cancer, the majority are located in the skin or subcutaneous tissues, for which the recommended treatment is surgery followed by radiotherapy.

This is where NanoVi comes in, they’re dedicated to enable high precision in image guided radiotherapy and cancer surgery to benefit patients and society. Pets are treated with noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment in which high doses of precisely focused radiation are delivered to destroy the tumor. This advanced form of radiation therapy is delivered in just 1-to-3 treatments, representing an 80-95% in both treatment sessions and anesthetic events compared to traditional forms of radiation therapy.

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