Awaken the Healer that’s within You.

(Truth: We can all heal ourselves.)

I’m Eli Abela, the Philippines’ first and only Human Potential ™ (Bulletproof™) Coach and a “biohacker”. That’s my fancy bio. I'm 51, low hormonal status BUT feeling more vitality than I ever had when I was in my 20s and 30s. Fact: Per my most recent Heart Rate Variability reading (a biomarker for health) assessment, my biological age is 31 and that’s how old – oops!- young, I feel.

It’s also the “why” I do the work I do.

I help humans to live their lives fully, by taking charge of their own biology, so they can live above stress, age strong and defy dis-ease.

My biohacking journey

My personal experience with biohacking started when I began the certification course under the Bulletproof Institute headed by Dave Asprey in Feb of 2016. Being educated in the avant garde way he understood our biology; and the very practical methods by which he harnessed its super powers, I saw my state of mind, body, and mentality improve in so many ways. Dave’s process wasn’t a get-healthy-quick scheme. It involved playing a role in my own health journey, without any medical intervention. It involved also challenging his methods and aligning them with my own, then ultimately choosing the paths that felt right to me, even if they were no longer in line with his recommendations.

Armed with this ability, I felt empowered as my own healer and felt I had enough knowledge about myself to challenge anyone else who had any health advice to offer. I also branched out to other modalities that my own intuition led me to, and used all these tools to strengthen other aspects of me that needed to be addressed, such as emotional trauma, atrophied muscles, brain training, stress management, etc. I recently discovered Germanic New Medicine or Germanische Heilkunde, which I feel will empower humans to evolve to a higher level and empower them to "control the biology so it doesn't control you" - the very definition of BIOHACKING.

Why “UNLTD”?

UNLTD (“Unlimited”) is now the first and only Biohacking Center in the Philippines. Some of my machines can be found separately in other places, but some of them still have a medical approach, where a professional assessment is required followed by a prescribed protocol. Why is this? Because the Truth is: There’s this powerful, innate, intelligent, highly evolved inner healer that’s waiting to be empowered and heard, and it’s within You. Its voice, which mirrors your own, has been suppressed by decades of limiting beliefs borne out of a medical paradigm driven by a profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry. Well that ends now, and that limiting belief needs to be squelched, quietly but powerfully.

Healing yourself by harnessing the healer within starts by believing that your biology evolved itself to develop survival-focused self-healing powers. As a Human Potential™ coach, I help you gain practical knowledge on how you can defy aging from the inside-out, as you harness the powers within (instead of against you) so that your body’s natural ability to regenerate occurs.

Biohacking is for all.

I’m Eli Abela, I’m the country’s first Human Potential coach. I’m 51, I have 3 autoimmune diseases: hypothyroidism; I struggled with childhood asthma attacks that had me frequently in the ER, and had allergic rhinitis that plagued me in my 20s and 30s. My biological age is now 29, that’s why I feel like my real life is starting. At this stage in my life, peri/menopause is a GIFT!!! Because I’m insulin sensitive and my hormones are balanced, I’m not plagued by hot flashes or fatigue or irritability. In this new paradigm of wholeness, menopause is very pro-life and empowering — biohacking and GNM allow us to see it this way, so that we can use it to catapult our lives to a whole new level of possibilities.

And that’s what my center, UNLTD, holds as its mission: To help You know You are unlimited. In my center, we welcome people to walk in, we make recommendations based on other people’s experiences, but we invite them to become active in deciding what’s best for them. We ask them to “feel,” “intuit,” “self-explore,” what to them feels right.

I tell people who visit UNLTD, “I encourage you to use the wisdom of your own biology, which has perfected the very art of BE-ing uniquely, YOU, quite literally, a “YOU-niverse.” In this light, no one else can tell you what’s best for your own biology, not even me.

Because the truth is that the Healer in You knows it all.

As you get more coherent in brain and heart;

As you get more detoxed from the entities that don’t belong in your body;

As you gain clarity from having defied the numbers in your medical records;

… you start to be that alchemist of Your own biology, and you really become the Boss in your life, in this life.

Ready? Let’s go.

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