UNLTD at the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference by Upgrade Labs

Last April, UNLTD founders Eli Abela and Rina Ortiz flew in to the US for the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference powered by Upgrade Labs. The three-day conference featured global biohacking celebrities and boasts of 1200 attendees all for a weekend dedicated to learning, interacting with other biohackers and immersing into the latest biohacking technologies! Held at the iconic Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel from April 5th through the 7th, the conference was filled with industry pioneers and experts sharing their know-hows that are all focused on physical fitness, cognitive wellness and a healthy diet.

Biohackers from around the world were able to engage and listen to invigorating talks from world-class speakers like Dave Asprey, Martin Tobias, Arianna Huffington, Amy Purdy, Shawn Stevenson, and Jim Kwik. Along with Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Frank Shallenburger, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Harry Adelson, Dr. Amy Killen, Dr. Matt Cook, Jessica Encell Coleman, and Robert Richman.

Eli and Rina were lucky enough to be able to talk with the father of biohacking himself, Dave Asprey. Dave admits into falling in love with the Philippines and even has coconuts from the country as a resource for Bulleproof Brain Octane Oil!

Dave is also the CEO and founder of Bulletproof Nutrition Inc. and Bulletproof coffee. The reason why everyone started slipping butter into their coffee, it’s delicious and also good for you! With podcasts being downloaded more than 75 million times and over 300 thousand followers on Twitter alone, he had become a lifestyle guru and a mentor to the founders of UNLTD. He was also able to publish various books from topics such as fertility to how to kick more ass at life.

Aside from the amazing talks and forums,one of the things regular attendees look forward to in the biohacking conference is the Technology Playground. Exhibitors were hand selected to allow a much more streamlined experience for the attendees. Featuring immersive biohacking technologies, these interactive activations will explore everything from stem cells and beauty treatments to biomarker testing and high-tech fitness.