What’s a biohacking methodology that you can easily follow? 

by Bo Moldez

You might have heard about biohacking before. And chances are, you found it interesting. 

I’ve written some articles that talk about it. The first was about becoming stronger inside and out using biohacking. The next was about how to begin biohacking. And the latest was about the end goal of becoming a biohacker. Whatever your goals are in terms of biohacking, you need a framework or methodology on how to make it work for you. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up like this… 

Imagine seeing stories of people who have been through their unique successes in their biohacking journeys. Dave Asprey shows the possibilities of being “bulletproof.” You’d see Wim Hof thriving in the ice-cold weather. And no doubt, you’ve probably watched that biohacking documentary on Netflix. Why couldn’t you do this for yourself? I mean, if they can, why can’t you? So you embark on the journey to becoming a superperson.

Here’s the thing… There’s a ton of information out there. And for the most part, a lot of them seem conflicting. Also, you’d have to shell out big bucks to buy equipment or consumables that would empty the bank. And what happens next? It’s going to leave you confused, frustrated, and with an empty bank account. What would you have done differently? 

In this article, we’re going to look at a three-step biohacking methodology that will help you …

  • create a biohacking practice ASAP 
  • use the resources that you have at your disposal 
  • make changes to your biology in the most realistic way possible 

We will look into the following things…

  • Why You Need a Biohacking Methodology? 
  • The Three-Step Biohacking Methodology
  • Your Next Steps

So let’s begin with…


First, let me tell you a story about my work as a freelancer. 

It was in the last months of 2019 that I had a coaching call with one of the best freelancing mentors in the Philippines. His name is John Pagulayan. It’s hard to imagine this bespectacled and tattooed guy who looks like a chill surfer to be one of the best freelancers in the Philippine setting. 

But ever since he founded The Freelancer Movement Tribe in 2018, his distinct methodology has changed the lives of countless freelancers in the Philippines. As of late, his program has about 2000 members who are poised to take their freelancing potential to the next level. As I recall in our coaching session, I wasn’t able to make sense of what I was to say. In a way, I was still looking for what I have to do as a freelancer. To be honest, it was awkward. But John gave me the most important advice in my freelancing career. 

“Know the difference between certainty and clarity. Choose clarity.”

It took me a while to sink this lesson in. But when I wholeheartedly followed this advice, it led me to a path that I know will change my life and the lives of others for the better. John Pagulayan is known in our community as JTL. John The Legend. I would daresay that he hacked the freelancing process to not only become a success. He also refined the process so he can teach it to others – so they can be successes as well. You can learn about it here. 

 But the question remains… 

Why do you need this Three Step Methodology? 

Let me recall the most important advice John told me… 

“Know the difference between certainty and clarity. Choose clarity.”

This also applies to becoming a biohacker. Because let’s face it, living life has its inevitable uncertainties. No doubt we can ultimately control our biology and keep in harmony with the environment. But whether we like it or not, there will always be a level of uncertainty in these things. We cannot fully control our environment. And even if we have the DNA, gene expression isn’t a total certainty. But what we can control is our clarity. As John hacked his way into a life changing freelancing lifestyle, we can also hack our biology and environment if we have clarity. 

What kind of clarity? 

Consider the following aspects of clarity…

  • Purpose. We need to be clear why we are doing our biohacking practice.
  • Direction. We need to know where we intend to be in the biohacking process.
  • Action. We need to consistently do what we planned so we can reach our reasons and destinations. 

Knowing these, we can then commit to the process. 

So now, let’s look into … 


There is always a method to madness. And in terms of biohacking, it involves the following overall steps…

  • Learn and Act 
  • Record and Adapt
  • Maintain and Elevate

Let’s talk about these in turn. 


You can’t be a biohacker without understanding. It is in this bedrock of knowing that biohacking starts. While it is true that biohacking is an intensely individual practice, to learn and act as a biohacker, you need to understand…

  • Concepts and Frameworks that will guide your practice. 
  • Strategies and Tactics that you can follow to change yourself uniquely 
  • Examples in action that will inspire and teach you.

But where do you get this information? You can learn it through the following sources…

  • Books and Documentaries 
  • Courses and Training 
  • Mentors and Accountability Groups

As a biohacker, I will write about these learning resources. But if you’re in the Philippines, you can learn biohacking in a premier group created by the founder of UNLTD.PH. Now, armed with the knowledge and understanding of what biohacking is, you need to act. How? 

First of all, create your goals. Will it be losing or gaining weight? Will it be being able to operate at a total capacity? The choice is yours. 

Next, plan your activities. You have to plan what you have to do next. Otherwise, you end up being confused and scattered in your process. 

Finally, you have to take the necessary steps of action consistently. Plans don’t just work themselves out. You have to take the movement to make it happen. 

Of course, biohacking isn’t enough unless you…


Peter Drucker said…

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

In our quest to have full control of our biology, it is not enough to take action. We also have to check the progress of what we are doing. This means recording the activities and results of our biohacking journeys. For this to happen, we have to create a feedback mechanism, an analysis apparatus, and fully commit to the adaptation cycle. 

The feedback mechanism is a device or process that we use to check our progress. It consists of the following things…

  • Standard. This can be the end goal. For example, it could mean an ideal weight or perhaps a level of performance. 
  • Action. These are the exercises, hacks, or processes you have to do to achieve that standard. For example, using a neuroptimal neurofeedback machine that enables better cognitive capabilities. 
  • Recording Device. Of course, you need to gather data for feedback. For this, you need a recording device that can be as simple as a notebook or even sophisticated software to track every action and result. 

Of course, feedback isn’t enough. We need to analyze and act on what results we gathered. This means using an analysis apparatus that makes us take consistent action. These are…

  • Gathering Information from the Feedback Mechanism. 
  • Comparing the Results With a Standard.
  • Creating Recommendations for Further Action.

Finally, feedback and analysis don’t mean a thing unless we adapt. When we adapt to the results created, this doesn’t mean changing the goals. It means we adapt our practice so that we meet the goals of our standard. This comes to full circle when it becomes an adaptation cycle. This includes…

  • Consistent Action 
  • Efficient Recording
  • Full use of the Feedback Mechanism and Analysis Apparatus

No doubt that when we follow this process, we can arrive at our goals. But following this isn’t enough. We have to…


In the biohacking methodology, it isn’t enough to just know and practice. We have to transcend through consistency of action. This means …

  • Accountability. After all, biohacking does consider that we are intertwined in our relationship with other people. We do have to be accountable even to those who are not doing this practice. 
  • Consistency. Consider biohacking as a long game. It is not some magic pill that makes changes overnight. So we have to make sure that we are present on a day to day basis when it comes to action. 
  • Flow. Without flow, the process of biohacking can be tedious at best. We have to follow what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says about flow to make biohacking an intensely rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

That’s all well and good. But you have to ask, …


This biohacking methodology was created to exploit flexibility. You can use this framework even if you don’t have the financial resources. How? 

First of all, you need to be clear on your goals and resources. This means having the clarity of purpose, direction and action. You also need to look at the resources that you have.

Next, it is no use being a biohacker when you aren’t realistic in how you create goals and use your resources. Understand also that a biohacker operates with ingenuity in mind. Biohackers need to be creative with the limited resources that they have. 

Finally, the biohacker understands that it takes small incremental steps to achieve a final goal. The biohacker also realizes the need for flexibility. After all, it takes one step at a time to reach a destination. And in the end, the destination is always the same – even if paths change. 

To recap, the biohacking methodology…

  • Helps us in finding clarity of purpose, direction, and action 
  • Involves the steps of Learning and Acting, Recording and Adapting, and Maintaining and Elevating
  • Enables us to move to become the unique individuals that we are 

In one or another, this is the goal of UNLTD.PH. And we welcome you here not only for your biohacking recovery but also to help you achieve your goals. Send us a message. We’d love to help you. 

Bo Moldez is a freelancer and soon-to-be novelist. He has a keen interest in sharpening his mind with profuse reading and writing and loves to use biohacking as an upleveling tool in perfecting his craft.