From ECQFat to GCQFit: How Biohacking Gets You Stronger Inside and Out

by Bo Moldez

Let’s face it. You hated being in the ECQ. Being stuck at home, you might have experienced this… 

You’re thinking about bad things that are happening out there.

It’s as if you think you will be sick. Then you blame yourself because you think you could have prepared yourself in this crisis. 

Sooner or later, you try to ask people if you’ve done the right thing. You look at your social media feed, and your thoughts and fears about the pandemic are validated. 

Now you feel the discomfort of being stuck in your home. It’s cabin fever 101! Then you worry that you might get the virus yourself – even if it wasn’t possible. 

Oh yes, you try to smile, but you know it’s forced. You try to distract yourself, and it’s not doing you any good. And even if you are relatively safe, you can feel paranoia in your bones. 

So what do you do? 

You go to the nearest delivery app on your smartphone. You then order from your favorite fast food restaurant. And when you receive it, you devour everything while binge-watching hours upon hours of Netflix films or tv series that you watched again and again. You do this while you scroll through your social media feeds reading the panic of fake news. Anything to keep you distracted from this crisis. 

And it’s just a matter of time before we actually go from being quarantined to actually being able to go out in public again. Oh, it will happen. But…

What happens next? 

You’ve gained a lot of poundage that will not help you in the long run. You’ve developed dismal habits that will not help you as you reenter society. You’ve probably gotten addictions that you wish you never had. 

Sure, you might be lucky not being affected by the ECQ because of your home quarantine. But the weight that you gained can lead to something worse. 

It could lead to you having heart disease or hypertension. It could lead to a host of other conditions. And most importantly, it could lead to a lowered immune system that would make you vulnerable to the virus itself. 

I’ll take a guess. Raise your hands if this is your story too. Chances are it is. 

The ECQ because of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us fears that we thought we never have to face. But in the end, it is something that we have to go through. 

And because of those fears, we turn to the things that will make us forget those things – excess food consumption and a sedentary lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, it will lead to long-term consequences that you cannot afford in the long run. 

So what do you do? 

You try every diet, exercise, and supplement out there. But what happens when you’re doing that? 

It’s going to leave you empty, frustrated, and back to the same old destructive routine that you had when you started. 

The thing is, diets, exercises, and supplements are marketed as one-size-fits-all solutions. People who sell these solutions will make you feel that what they have is the magic pill that will solve all your health problems. 

But it doesn’t. 

After all, you are unique. And the solutions out there might not even work for you. 

And this is where biohacking comes in. 

You’ve probably heard about it. And perhaps the thought of using expensive laboratories, drugs, or even becoming a cyborg comes to mind. 

But aside from all the jargon out there, the concept of biohacking is pretty simple. 

So to put in more real terms… 

Biohacking is you being able to alter yourself on your own terms so that you can live the life you want. 

With the help of biohacking you can… 

  • Lose excess pounds while lowering the your biological age
  • Get your cells stronger, so you’re unafraid of any “new” virus
  • Learn free life hacks to boost your immunity 
  • Be stronger than stress and stronger than fear
  • Power your mind and body and be ready for anything

It’s not just using high-tech machines or doing different practices. It involves you being in control. 

Basically, I see biohacking in the following terms…

Mindset and Awareness. More than just a series of hacks to make you feel better, the best way to use biohacking to change your life is to have a mindset that sets you up for success. And of course, you need to be aware of who you are in the process. This can only be done by consistently researching and knowing what to do. 

Planning and Action. You have to realize that if you don’t prepare for biohacking, you can’t take the necessary steps to change your life. So, you have to plan and create goals that you can do every single day.  And unless you take action, whatever knowledge and preparation you take in won’t work. 

Accountability and Consistency. You have to realize that biohacking isn’t a one-time thing. You have to continually take action to get the benefits that you are looking for. This means that you are consistent in doing the things you have planned for. And consider this, if you aren’t accountable to yourself, you need someone to hold you responsible as a biohacker. 

Now that sounds a bit too much, don’t you think? 

But hey, you can also do biohacking on your own. And you can do it in the most cost-efficient and low tech way possible. 


Here are some things you can do…

  1. Setting Goals and Benchmarking 

First of all, you need to know where you want to go. This means creating some goals that you can accomplish. 

To be honest, you can push the limits of the goals that you want to achieve. But consider making short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. 

Oh, and yes, you have to understand that goals may change. So be flexible enough to understand this and follow-through. 

Next, you need to know where you are. This means taking a snapshot of what you are physically, emotionally, and mentally. You can start by making an initial recording of your physical stats – in this case, your weight. This will be your starting point of change. Then, just take note of what kind of mental and emotional state you find yourself in. No need to make it complicated; use one word descriptors like: ‘stressed,”sad,”anxious,”happy,”peaceful,’calm.’

  1. Consistent Daily Recording 

One of the most important things that a biohacker does is consistent recording. This is important because the biohacker needs constant awareness of the physical and mental state. 

Constant awareness enables the biohacker to tweak the activities he or she does to gain maximum results. In the words attributed to Peter Drucker, what gets measured gets managed. 

Sure, you can use high-tech tools. But in the case of losing weight, it could be as simple recording weigh-ins from a bathroom scale in a notebook daily.

  1. Research and Experimentation 

One trait that a biohacker fosters is experimentation. The biohacker is a scientist and researcher who uses his or her own body as a continuous experiment. N=1.

The biohacker creates a hypothesis. Afterwards, the biohacker’s body is made to participate in the experiment – willingly, of course. During the period of the experiment, the biohacker keeps meticulous recordings. This is a way to see if the results match the hypothesis. 

But it doesn’t stop with getting just a batch of results. It becomes a continuous process of change and improvement. 

Here’s the thing, one cannot experiment without having the knowledge and skills. That’s why the biohacker is a consummate researcher as well.  He or she has to know why. 

No doubt you can do these things as a biohacker on your own. But it does take a while to learn things on your own. And sometimes, experimenting on yourself can be a bit dangerous – even if you think it’s going to make you healthy. 

Why not learn from professionals who will help you achieve your goals? Why not get it from experts who will help you push past your limits? Why not get the help that will let you go beyond the things stopping you from reaching your fullest? 

With Team UNLTD, you can. Send us a message at or our social media page and take that step to start your biohacking journey.  

Bo Moldez is a freelance copywriter and staff of Social Media Academy. He spends his days reading, learning, and trying to become a better person. He’s got the internal goods to be a true biohacker.