Biohack Your
Way to a
SLIMMER BODY while DETOXIFYING in less than 30 days

Are you sick and tired of not losing unwanted inches…

  • … because your hormones seem to be fluctuating?
  • … because your body has a high toxic load due to poor sleep hygiene?
  • … because your body is constantly fighting off high levels of inflammation due to stress and anxiety?
  • And you wish there were a faster, more effective way to reach your health goals?
  • If that’s you, know that you’re not alone in this situation.
  • This has been a common problem for a lot of Filipinos.
  • Based on research, INFLAMMAGING is a leading cause for unwanted weight gain and chronic degenerative dis-eases!
  • But don’t worry.
  • There’s a way for you to lose inches while increasing your health and vitality!

We offer a cutting-edge combination of machines that help you lose inches while releasing toxins!

Hi! I’m Eli Abela.


As the founder of UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center and a the first Human Potential Coach and Biohacking Pioneer of the Philippines, certified by Dave Asprey, I am committed to helping Filipinos find new ways to better themselves through tried-and-tested, non-invasive, clinical-grade hacks.


And I believe that we can harness that natural healer within us.

What are those inches that won’t budge?


You see, not all that is fat. Some “bulges” are actually just displaced fascia, junk organelles, unmoving lymph, or debris just “hanging out.”


What if I told you that we have a sure-fire way to help you lose inches while increasing your health span?


What if I told you these tried-and-tested machines can improve your sleep quality and boost your immunity?


What if I told you that these slimming measures can actually prevent you from developing severe chronic and acute illnesses?

With the knowledge I gained through Self-Experimenting combined with the biohacking machines at UNLTD, I am now able to help people lose unwanted inches while fighting inflammation and making themselves stronger than dis-ease.

Learn How to Hack Weight Loss and Anti-Inflammaging to Boost Immunity, Deepen Sleep and Defy Aging

  • Whole Body Vibration for Lymphatic Drainage
  • Compression Therapy for Detoxification
  • Exclusion Zone Water Vapor inhalation mist for Cellular Repair
  • EWOT Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
  • NEAR Infared Sauna for anti-inflammatory Heat Shock Proteins
  • High PPM Molecular Hydrogen Water for Anti-aging
  • You want to lose unwanted inches and flab that doesn’t budge
  • You want to condition yourself for better vitality and health
  • You desire to have more strength and energy in handling your daily tasks
  • You’re tired of compromising your health because you’re too busy and too tired
  • You want to control your biology so it doesn’t control you
  • You want to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF for your family, for your friends, at work, and for YOU

So come and book your self-paced sessions for ONLY…

P31,795 Package Rate

(8 sessions, 5-week duration)

And experience weight loss and vitality at a time when our health should be of utmost priority!

But wait, there’s MORE

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  • 2 free sessions Normatec Hips/Thighs and Arm slimming attachment - valued at P3500
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the ultimate slimming and detox package

8 self-paced biohacking sessions valid for 5 weeks

Come to the Philippines' only true Biohacking Center to use clinical-grade machines to slim down, detox, increase immunity and reverse aging. 

powerful sleep and relaxation remedies

Losing weight and detoxing properly requires DEEP SLEEP. With UNLTD's recommended deep sleep remedy and mineral drops, your body will fall into a regular circadian pattern so it can repair your cells and perform its detox duties while you sleep soundly. 

early bird june 30 only: clinical grade brain training

If you sign up now, we will add 8 sessions of the ultimate clinical-grade brain optimization machine, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback COMPLETELY FREE. Used by high performing athletes and clinically to address brain function for people with Alzheimer's, autism, sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and chronic stress. This is the one biohack that everyone needs to find optimum mind and body health. 

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