REMedy Sleep Mask

4,000.00 3,375.00

Our REMedy Sleep Mask will help you get the perfect night sleep! • 100% light blocking • Total darkness is guaranteed



The Look – Sleek, smooth and soft, REMedy provides the perfect sleep for all

Quality – Soft and comfortable material, no sharp edges and designed in Australia

Size –  Adjustable head strap to fit all face shapes with absolute comfort


Why REMedy?

  • Adjustable eye cavities to fit all head sizes
  • 100% light blocking. Total darkness guaranteed
  • Zero eye pressure – Prevents eye pressure related issues
  • Proven to increase restorative sleep phases – REM and Deep Sleep
  • Adjustable head strap, non-elastic, does not wear out
  • Contoured sides to allow for comfortable back, side and belly sleepers
  • Soft cushioned material for a comfortable sleep
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Breathable fabric so no overheating like other sleep masks
  • Machine Washable